Earthquake in Chile

Another devastating earthquake, this one in Chile. What is the world coming to….first the quake in Haiti killing 200,000 now this in Chile. 

It makes you stop and re-think any travel plans.  My next trip is not to South America, just to Benham Texas in March.


2 Responses to “Earthquake in Chile”

  1. Linda Says:

    Looking forward to reading about the Texas trip. Are you going to see Martha’s Bloomers?

    • franfolsom Says:

      Yes Martha’s Bloomers is on my list. Have you been there before? I’ll be in Brenham, in Washington County. And, believe it or not, I’m very anxious to see the Bush Presidentail Library (that’s George 41). This will make the 9th presidential library/home that I’ve been to. It’s my goal in life to see all of them.

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