Institute of Contemporary Art Boston

The first solo show by Mexican tattoo artist Dr. Lakra (Jeronimo Lopez Remirez) will open at Boston’s Institute of Contemporary Art in April.

Dr. Lakra is famous for using images 1950’s pin-up girls in his work. In the exhibit you will see them on everything from vintage magazines and Japanese prints to plastic cups and utensils to Kewpie dolls.  Nothing escapes his inking pen, he covers them with playful, provactive and macabre drawings.

According to Dr. Lakra “I see my work, my tattoo work and other formats, as a mixture of different iconographies from different cultures and places.  I’m always trying to deal with this basic, primal urge.  Primitive instincts like sex, violence, graffiti are all innate to human beings and not tied to one culture”. 

The exhibit runs from April 15th to September 5th.  The ICA has programs around the exhibition; April 14th at 6:30 will be a panel discussion on skin, the challenges of design tattoos for various skin types, April 15th at 6pm is a gallery talk with Dr. Lakra followed by a program “On Pins and Needles – Tattooing in Massachusetts” at 7pm.


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