Stop raining on my parade

I can’t stand all this rain it’s driving me crazy.  My friend Hilary writes me that she’s skiing at Sugarloaf and the sun is shining.  Bah! 

Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day parade is tomorrow, March 14th, in South Boston.  It starts at 1pm regardless of heavy rains or high winds the parade will go on.

As it happens every year hundreds of Massachusetts politicians will  crawl out of the woodwork to walk the parade route stopping to shake hands and kiss children.  Oh brother!

All week the weather has been beautiful here in Cambridge and the weekend comes and it’s a washout.


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3 Responses to “Stop raining on my parade”

  1. mstrav Says:

    Hey, count your blessings — it is sleeting here, bits of ice rattling against my windows.

  2. Fran Folsom Says:

    Oh yuck, keep that sleet up where you are we don’t need it here.

    • Fran Folsom Says:

      On second thought I’ll stop complaining about the rain. Spring is just around the corner. Tonight we set our clocks ahead one hour.

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