Listening to the Dropkick Murphys at McHugh’s Bar in Belfast Northern Ireland

courtesy of McHugh's Bar

courtesy of McHugh’s Bar

I was only in Belfast an hour when I headed over to McHugh’s Bar (ca. 1711) and had the most delicious fish & chips, the national dish of Northern Ireland. Light as a feather they were.  Or, as the Irish say “it was a beautiful dish”. The friendly barkeep could tell I was from Boston – maybe it was the Red Sox cap, certainly not my Massachusetts accent. 

Anyway while I scarfed down my food what should come on the radio – the Dropkick Murphy’s Shipping up to Boston.  Michael, the barkeep looked at me and said “Didn’t one of your Red Sox pitchers leave the bullpen on a trip to the mound while that was playing?”  “Yup” I told him “that was Jonathan Papelbon’s lead in song.  He swore it brought him luck.”  I was not surprised that he knew about Boston sports – a lot of people in Northern Ireland watch the Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics and Bruins on their sports channel or have relatives or friends living in the Boston area that keep them tuned into our sports scene. 


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6 Responses to “Listening to the Dropkick Murphys at McHugh’s Bar in Belfast Northern Ireland”

  1. mstrav Says:

    Wonderful to make connections like this when you’re traveling — and a reminder that it’s a small world after all!

  2. franfolsom Says:

    I was so surgrised to hear the Dropkick’s Boston song I nearly fell off my barstool. That would’ve been a hoot.

    McHugh’s is a family oriented pub where you’ll find children playing games and dancing.

  3. Shirley Moskow Says:

    This brought back fond memories of my trip to Belfast. I think it’s time for a return visit.

  4. Jackie Sheckler Finch Says:

    Fascinating blog, Fran! Really shows that the world is a small place after all. Looking forward to more of your writings!

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